Wellesbourne Safer Neighbourhood Team to relocate to Stratford

30 September 2011 14:42

Wellesbourne Safer Neighbourhood Team to relocate to Stratford

Wellesbourne police station will close on Friday October 7 and the Safer Neighbourhood Team based there will relocate to Stratford.

There will still be a policing presence in the village, with SNT officers making regular patrols and holding surgeries.

They can also be contacted directly by telephone or through the safer neighbourhoods website.

The Warwickshire Police estate is making a number of changes to ensure that it is the most effective and efficient possible to support the policing model introduced in May, costing less to run and maintain.

Buildings that are no longer ‘fit for purpose’, in the wrong place or which do not support policing in the future will be removed.

We have to ensure that we have the right buildings in the right places to support the future delivery of policing services.

Planning permission has recently been granted for change of use of the site to residential use and the building is expected to go on the market in the autumn.

The Safer Neighbourhood Team can be contacted by telephone on 01789 444600 or at www.safer-neighbourhoods.co.uk

The nearest police public enquiry desk is situated at Stratford police station, Rother Street, Stratford which is open from 8am until 8pm every day.

Further ways of contacting Warwickshire Police:

* In an emergency call 999

* For non-emergencies call 01926 415000/101

* Log on to www.warwickshire.police.uk

Anne Tugwell

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