UPDATE Warwickshire Police’s approach to naming charged individuals

02 May 2013 22:00

UPDATE Warwickshire Police’s approach to naming charged individuals

It has never been Warwickshire Police’s intention in any way to mislead the public in relation to our approach to naming charged individuals.

Up until April 4, 2013, Warwickshire Police guidelines stated that charged individuals were named to the public and media if the charge was in relation to a force priority offence, such as burglary or serious violence.

Warwickshire Police and West Mercia Police are developing a Strategic Alliance in which we are adopting common practices and procedures.

On April 4, 2013, we changed our guidelines in the interests of trying to align our working practices with West Mercia. This guideline was not to name at the point of charge but to release information immediately before court proceedings. Since April 4, in being consistent with this guideline, no individuals have been named to the public on charge. This was also the case in respect of naming the police officer charged with theft. It was intended that his name, like those of other people charged would be released immediately prior to court proceedings.

However, following feedback we now comply with national ACPO guidance and will be naming individuals at the point of charge.

This issue was not about secrecy or protecting an ex police officer. This change was part of aligning policies and practices with West Mercia Police. The Strategic Alliance has been formed to save over £30m whilst still delivering good levels of protection. Last year crime fell by 12.4% in Warwickshire to the lowest level for many years.

The theft of cash from Warwickshire Police was hugely embarrassing and a lengthy and painstaking investigation has been conducted. The charging of the suspect Paul Andrew Greaves was a major step forward and we now await the court process. Any police officer or police staff member who commits a crime can expect to be dealt with robustly and receive little sympathy from colleagues or the public alike.

We are committed to being open and transparent in all our interactions with the public and media and we remain focused on catching criminals and protecting the public from harm.

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