Violent man banned from Leamington town pubs and clubs

16 November 2012 14:38

Violent man banned from Leamington town pubs and clubs

Police are keen to make the public aware of an Order that has been put in place prohibiting 19 year old Eliot Luke KAFNO from Southam Road in Radford Semele, Leamington Spa from entering public houses and night clubs in Leamington Spa for 6 months from 7 November 2012.

KAFNO received a 9 month sentence suspended for 18 months with a Prohibited Activity requirement not to enter public houses or night clubs in Leamington Spa for 6 months after appearing at Warwick Crown Court at Leamington Spa on 7 November 2012 charged with assault. If he fails to comply with the terms of this order, including an 18 month Supervision Order, he will be brought back to court where he could face a custodial sentence.

The assault occurred outside the Leamington Fish Bar in Tavistock Street at 03.49hours on Sunday 11 March 2012 when a male walked towards a group of people which included KAFNO. KAFNO walked up to the male and put an arm around him then head butted him to the face. The male fell to the floor hitting his head in the process.

KAFNO then left the area however the local CCTV operator who was watching the incident throughout, guided officers to where he was and he was arrested on suspicion of Section 20 Assault.

The assaulted male was taken to Hospital for treatment to head and facial injuries.

Inspector Faz Chishty said “Banning orders are a vital tool in making the town centre a safer place for the majority of people to enjoy. We will continue to use all existing powers available to officers to protect people from harm.”

We are asking the public to help enforce this order by reporting any sighting of KAFNO in the town centre pubs and clubs over the next 6 months including Christmas and the New Year.

A photo of KAFNO has also been circulated to the Pubs and Clubs via Pub Watch so that they too can ensure he does not break the terms of his sentence.

Inspector Chishty added "Town centre violence of any form is totally unacceptable. The vast majority of people want to go out and enjoy a safe night out with their friends in the town centre. Unfortunately, there are a few people who ruin the enjoyment of others by turning to violence - often after drinking too much alcohol.

Police work in partnership with a number of agencies in the county to reduce alcohol fuelled violence and our CCTV operators play a key role in monitoring and recording incidents as they occur.

Hazel Nicholas

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